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I'm not picky. I just have excellent taste in friends.

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Whatever you do, and whichever side I wind up on, take care of yourself first and foremost, okay?

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I just noticed you have Lucas Valley Road on your interests list. Is it the one that runs through Marin County?

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Yep! Every time I'm in NoCal, I have to take it down to Highway 1 and follow that to Pt. Reyes.

It's a ritual now :-)

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I found you via [ profile] irisira03. I saw we had quite a bit in common (well, based on interests) and a few friends in common, so I added you. :)

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I'm not an employer, stalker, or passive voyeur. I don't have the attention span of the gumption for it. I would, however, like to extend one of those ElJay friend type... things.

Okay, I feel pathetic

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I added you because you made a post to the Open Letters community that I found funny - and your user profile reflected we have similar interests. You added me back - for about ten seconds. Then you changed your mind. I'm usually not the kind to dwell on this.


Heck, I don't even know you. But in this particular instance, I feel the need to ask the question. Why? Not like you owe me an explanation, but curiosity has got the cat.

You managed to gain my respect in a very short period of time. Approximately the same amount of time it took me lose/not earn yours. Because of that, I'm hoping you will answer my question honestly. Not because I seek to change your mind. Rather, how many opportunities does one have to question a rejection from one they respect?

Whether or not you reply, best of luck to you!

Nothing ventured...

Re: Okay, I feel pathetic

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I didn't lose respect for you. Not at all.

I hope I don't offend you when I say this (and I know this is gonna sound really strange), but I found some of your entries to be rather self-depricating and I got a little annoyed by it (mainly because they were so similar to how I wrote a few years ago). I find myself moving as far away from people who remind me of who I was a few years ago (not because I'm running from my past, but rather I just don't want to be reminded of it right now).

I hope that didn't sound too strange to you, but it's the truth.

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hey, truce?

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what were we fighting about?

you can hear me out or just mock me and then ignore me

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based upon your interests (since i have nothing else to go on being that yuour el-jay is friends only, i think you would enjoy musing mine. my journal is not necessariyl friends only. but if you want the real dirt, the real juice, its only available to those on that list.

give it a shot. i added you. in a couple of days, if its not what you fancy, i'll remove you. but if you add me back, maybe we'll get along fabulously

Re: you can hear me out or just mock me and then ignore me

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You are one of a very small groups of el-jay-junkies who passed the test. Welcome to my (now, not so hectic and insane) world.

(and I give bonus points if you can figger out who I am in RL).

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Want to try being trial lj friends? I might not keep you, and you might not keep me, but it may be an interesting ride.

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Sure -- you sound like a pretty cool person.

Another snarky journalist...

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Hi there...[ profile] irisira03 said you were swell, so I've come a-visitin'...

Re: Another snarky journalist...

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Welcome aboard.

Right now i'm not too journalismy (taking the summer off) but I'll be starting up again in September.
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Sure. Welcome aboard.

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Hi! I enjoyed hanging out at the cosi with you post- gayety last night, and I am very proud of myself for actually remembering a. your name and b. to add you. I want to hear more about your triathalon plan, among many other things.

I feel like this is a tryout

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I linked to your LJ through Irisira03 and I'm adding you much for the same reason I added her.

I spent a few years as a journalist myself until I completely sold out and took a sales job. Now, even though I have more money, I find myself almost begging my former editors to let me cover piddly meetings just so I can write again.

But that's neither here nor there. I'm adding you because you can obviously write well, and I'm sick of reading posts that are grammatically challenged with no flow. I'm also adding you because it feels like a challenge and I'm ultra competitive. So check out my journal. It's a wasteland of whatever I'm feeling at that moment in time. I'm brutally honest, slightly cruel to people I don't care about, very opinionated and I talk about the Red Sox and the Patriots a lot.

I look forward to learning more about you.

Re: I feel like this is a tryout

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you lost me with the icon

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Can I be your friend for recognizing (and loving) that Pink Floyd quote? If that doesn't do it, I know rainingfordays. :)

What have we found? The same old fears.

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Yes, you can be my friend :-)

BTW -- Weren't you a regular poster on RSSIF

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You seem like a good one. Oh, won't you friend me?

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Sure, why not. You sound relatively sane :-D

(ps -- you might also like reading [ profile] deviathan. She's an editor in Northern Virginia and is very active in the Va dem movement)

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hey, I found your journal through my friend shruti's. I'm a former philadelphian and a wannabe journalist (i.e. I'm hunting for a job). can we be friends?

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spose you'd wanna add me?

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Hi...We could use you and your Philadelphia savvy over here. ([ profile] phila_lj). That, and I've wanted to friend you ever since you directed me to a good coffee place last summer - which is something, in my world, like sharing the nectar of the gods.

If either or both sound good to you, let me know.

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[ profile] irisira03 suggested I add you to my friend's list. So, I've done so. Care to add me?

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love the de lempicka icon. [ profile] genders mentioned you.

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98 percent. Welcome aboard. Any friend of Gita's is a friend of mine.

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Genders said we would be a good match. So if I disappoint, blame her. Also, I like eggs. I thank you.

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I like you. Your humor is much like my own. Allow me to introduce myself. I am AV. I've been scouting for like-minded individuals so that I may build, if you will, of beings who can think for themselves. My apologies if I am not to your liking; I am but a humble being who wishes to make its opinions known and in the process, make beings think.

My hopes that you will find this request favorable.


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Three reasons: Japanese tentacle porn. heh
*scampers off*

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Reason #1.. because you ASKED! hehe


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You win!

(ps -- you also have about 4000 entries to go back and read. Just sayin')

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Driven here by lower back pain.

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queen_elvis sent me here to read about your awesome running feats! I'm in love with running myself, but am having some serious back pains to deal with. Hence, I'm here to be inspired by your ass-kicking-ness. add me? :)

Re: Driven here by lower back pain.

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Welcome aboard. I haven't been writing much about the workout stuff lately because I'm buried at work. I'm not much of a runner because I prefer swimming and biking, but I do run. Weight has nothing to do with it -- it's all about strength. I'd give anything to weigh what you do, but I don't.

Just make sure you have damn good shoes (go to a place to have them fit you for how your foot hits the ground) and start slowly. Look up the Couch to 5k workout list on coolrunnings. That would be a great start (it's how I work on it.)

[identity profile] 2007-02-15 01:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey! I keep seeing you around the journo community, and I've always wondered what became of you after our stint together at PW - want to add me?

I see you're out in Virginia now - I was supposed to work with the Pilot for a summer copyediting, but that got ruined when I didn't have my driver's license in time; sad :( So, I'm still carving out an existence in Philly as an editor. It's cool - I'm overworked and underpaid just like all us journalists, heh.

Whatever you decide, hope things are well.

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Welcome aboard. I try not to discuss anything publicly, but you should be able to read all the good stuff now :-)

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