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New profile: I am a 30-something wonk and geography nerd. Queer fat femme, single, intersectional feminist, not religious, non-judgmental, and ideologically liberal. I love learning about other people and what makes them tick and why they are the way they are. When I'm not working or studying, I'm hopefully swimming in cold salt water, but will settle for following black lines in a pool.

I'm sort of an odd duck on these sites these days as in I am not interested in fandom or fanfic, I don't write slash, and I do not do faire-type stuff, nor am I interested in it. I miss the deep conversations I could have here with people about stuff I would never discuss on FB or other more public outlets and, once I graduate, I want to bring that back into my life.

DW is new for me as I spent nearly 16 years on LJ and finally left because of the new Russian TOS. I don't spend much time writing these days, but I'd like to change that. I've built some incredible friendships on LJ over the years and I'd like to reintroduce that back into my life as I embark on a pretty gigantic life change where I hope I remember to write it down more than I did for the last life change.

First important note: I don't post much and don't always keep up with things, but try to in general. If I don't respond, it's because I haven't had time. But don't worry, I get your emails.

Second important note: I'm pretty darn fat positive, and not fat positive in the bullshitty way where thin cis-gendered white women have co-opted fat positivity into more fat hatred.

Old Profile: Driven. Intense. Moody. Direct. Emotional. Logical. Introverted. Multi-multi-faceted. Creative. Complex. Affectionate. Confident. Strong. Cares too much. Extremely independent. Easily amused. Learns the rules, then breaks them.

Turn ons: honesty, integrity, pineapple basil gelato, long meals with friends, creativity, humor, open water swimming, brilliance, acceptance, leaving comfort zones, emotional strength, calmness, science geekery, sitting on the edge of mountains, swimming in big seas, star fruit and lime sorbetto, natural beauty, chilling out, crossing the finish line, the wilderness, and hidden sanctuaries.

Friending notes: Unless I know you very well, I will not add people who have fewer than 10 entries unless you introduce yourself.
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