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I'm not picky. I just have excellent taste in friends.

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Whatever you do, and whichever side I wind up on, take care of yourself first and foremost, okay?

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I just noticed you have Lucas Valley Road on your interests list. Is it the one that runs through Marin County?

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Yep! Every time I'm in NoCal, I have to take it down to Highway 1 and follow that to Pt. Reyes.

It's a ritual now :-)

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Ever been to the ranch at 5858 Lucas Valley Road?

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I drove by a few years ago out of curiosity, but in general I always head the opposite way toward to ocean.

Did you see that Simpson's episode where Bart and Lisa go to the ranch and demand to see George Lucas after seeing one of the sequels? One of the best ones ever (they depict Lucas as this extremely short and crabby man. Hilarious.)

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You do know you can see some of the studio from 101 -- or at least used to be able to. I haven't been out that way since 2002.

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I haven't seen that one, no, but I've heard about it.

TechGuy once chatted for half an hour with Lucas at a 50-year anniversary celebration of the elementary school they both attended. He said Lucas was about average height with very small feet (maybe men's size 5 1/2), and very friendly (especially after realizing that TechGuy wasn't there to do an interview).

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I haven't been there since ... oh, before you were born getting my driver's license. Dad was running out a road construction job in that area and they were still building the studio.

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I'm older than you think

I remember the first time I saw it was in 1992. My Dad pointed it out to me as we were driving to my grandparent's house (they live in Sonoma and I have a bunch of family up in Santa Rosa).

I don't remember seeing it when I was last out there, but that was probably because I was driving and not the passenger.

You should take a day and drive out that way for a few hours (I know Modesto isn't exactly close). The scenery is just stunning and the road is absolutely gorgeous (especially in the rain, ironically). Pt. Reyes is literally one of my most favorite places on earth.

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I found you via [ profile] irisira03. I saw we had quite a bit in common (well, based on interests) and a few friends in common, so I added you. :)

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I'm not an employer, stalker, or passive voyeur. I don't have the attention span of the gumption for it. I would, however, like to extend one of those ElJay friend type... things.

Okay, I feel pathetic

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I added you because you made a post to the Open Letters community that I found funny - and your user profile reflected we have similar interests. You added me back - for about ten seconds. Then you changed your mind. I'm usually not the kind to dwell on this.


Heck, I don't even know you. But in this particular instance, I feel the need to ask the question. Why? Not like you owe me an explanation, but curiosity has got the cat.

You managed to gain my respect in a very short period of time. Approximately the same amount of time it took me lose/not earn yours. Because of that, I'm hoping you will answer my question honestly. Not because I seek to change your mind. Rather, how many opportunities does one have to question a rejection from one they respect?

Whether or not you reply, best of luck to you!

Nothing ventured...

Re: Okay, I feel pathetic

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I didn't lose respect for you. Not at all.

I hope I don't offend you when I say this (and I know this is gonna sound really strange), but I found some of your entries to be rather self-depricating and I got a little annoyed by it (mainly because they were so similar to how I wrote a few years ago). I find myself moving as far away from people who remind me of who I was a few years ago (not because I'm running from my past, but rather I just don't want to be reminded of it right now).

I hope that didn't sound too strange to you, but it's the truth.

Re: Okay, I feel pathetic

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Well, on some level it sounds strange. By strange, I mean unexpected. I asked you because I was hoping for an honest answer, and I got it. For that I am very grateful. Thank you. That was exactly the kind of information I was looking for.

It's sort of a mixed bag, really. I'm glad it wasn't something like, "You say fuck too much." On the other hand, it concerns me that you found my entries self-deprecating. I've considered that a part of my sense of humor, but your suggestion makes me question whether or not I'm thinly veiling low self-esteem.

Conversely, I'm flattered. Like I said, I really enjoyed your posts. Maybe if I remind you or yourself from several years ago - I'm headed in the right direction!

I wish you nothing but the best.


Jennifer M. Shannon-Boggio

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hey, truce?

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what were we fighting about?

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i don't know. because i didn't know your name, i guess?

you can hear me out or just mock me and then ignore me

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based upon your interests (since i have nothing else to go on being that yuour el-jay is friends only, i think you would enjoy musing mine. my journal is not necessariyl friends only. but if you want the real dirt, the real juice, its only available to those on that list.

give it a shot. i added you. in a couple of days, if its not what you fancy, i'll remove you. but if you add me back, maybe we'll get along fabulously

Re: you can hear me out or just mock me and then ignore me

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You are one of a very small groups of el-jay-junkies who passed the test. Welcome to my (now, not so hectic and insane) world.

(and I give bonus points if you can figger out who I am in RL).

Re: you can hear me out or just mock me and then ignore me

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i generally pass tests few others can. especially online when i dont have to interact with you, but can rather interface.

(and i give you bonus points if you can figger out who I am in RL) whenever someone says that, it scares me.

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Want to try being trial lj friends? I might not keep you, and you might not keep me, but it may be an interesting ride.

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Sure -- you sound like a pretty cool person.

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Thanks, you sound cool too. *adding*

Another snarky journalist...

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Hi there...[ profile] irisira03 said you were swell, so I've come a-visitin'...

Re: Another snarky journalist...

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Welcome aboard.

Right now i'm not too journalismy (taking the summer off) but I'll be starting up again in September.

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